Saturday, January 23, 2010

Macaroni,Chocolate n Cheese Tarts

This one was made as a sample to my office mates...I'm so glad everybody likes it.. So, don't forget to order again next time...My 1st chocolate n cheese tart was ordered by Sue, Zuraidah n Afni. Then followed by Miza. And for Mini Baked Macaroni (picture) was ordered by Wani. Thank you my friends...Well, actually this bussiness idea was came from my neighbour, lin. At 1st we've decided to give it a try during our Anjung Kristal pot luck which was on 10th Jan 2010. And everbody loved it...macam goreng pisang panas. So, when I brought this little bites to the office, they really liked it and ordered...Alhamdulillah. But my little bites won't came true without any help from my Mr.Gaban. Thank u dear..

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  1. your welcome Mrs.Gaban...ur buku 555 still empty don't worry...luv u..