Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been a while....'s been a while since I've posted something ...Bz with life..children, works,etc....This time I've received an order from Sira (my office mate's friend) for her engagement party. It's 150 pieces total. Thanks a lot to Mr.Gaban. Without his help sure it will be a long day with 3 little kids around...So, enjoice!!!

Chocolate Tarts

Cranberries n Nuts Tarts

Cheese Tarts

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Sticker

Well, there's a new sticker 4 my products...Insya allah soon will be more cookies n desserts to come.So many things in my mind tp tersangat la tak cukup masa....Alhamdulillah orders so far so good. This cranberries n nuts tarts is rm0.80 per piece. The minimum order is 25 pieces. Anyone who like to order please call me at 0196633578 or email me.
Last sat was my reunion with my hostel's mate...ex-atpn 91-95. Havoc giler...Maklumlah after 15 yrs...banyak sgt cerita...semuanyer nak bercakap...Thanks to Linda n Phira for the orders. Yg lain2 tu jgn lupa yer...kalau buat mkn2 order la kat aku...